Wells Fargo’s, Steve Irion, Praises Imagine

Imagine played with a lot of energy…they were fun, good guys! They played tremendous music; the authenticity, all the way down to the instrumentation, “Paul McCartney” playing left-handed…really made it fun!

A big fan of yours

Wherever we go, our fans always have great things to say about our shows. Here are some we have collected from letters and e-mail messages over the years:

“We were in your audience in Macon this past week-end, and thoroughly enjoyed your performance. You guys are very talented and have certainly mastered the Fab Four. We had lots of fun! Hope to see y’all again when you’re in this part of the world.”

R. Weissinger – Atlanta, Georgia

A big fan of yours

“Hi Guys. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your show in Macon Saturday night. If I can ever help you guys again just let me know.I was hoping you guys would have done “The Long And Winding Road”,my favorite. Ah, maybe next time.”

T. Cooper – Macon, Georgia